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Product keyword: Fold able large cardboard gift boxes packaging with emboss printing
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing: emboss printing
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Large cardboard gift boxes are widely welcomed because they are strong and not easily damaged, and can not damaged during transportation without. And cardboard boxes are made of recycled paper, which can be recycled and recycled, and meet the requirements of environmentally friendly packaging. Consumers will think that companies that use environmentally friendly packaging are socially responsible and have a good impression of the brand. But customizing large-sized cardboard boxes is a very annoying thing for brands. Fixed large cardboard packaging, due to its large size, will take up a lot of space, resulting in high transportation costs and storage costs.

Foldable cardboard boxes are the best choice for hard cardboard packaging. Since it can be folded, the volume after the package is folded is one tenth of the volume after unfolding. For multinational or long-haul transport, the foldable package is one-fifth or less of the transport price of the non-foldable package. When you need to use the packaged product, remove the package, it is very easy to assemble and ready to use. Different materials can be selected for different gifts, which have a good background for the products. Highlighting the brand and logo is the focus of every custom package. The logo and brand name use the emboss printing process for better visuals. For more types of product packaging or gift packaging, you can visit our official website for more pages, or send us an email directly, we will provide you with more customized packaging solutions.

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Foldable large cardboard gift boxes packaging with emboss printing wholesale Custom square large Cardboard Gift boxes Packaging with logo wholesale Foldable large cardboard gift boxes packaging can reduce the cost of packaging transportation Foldable large cardboard gift boxes, the folded volume is one tenth of the volume of the fully unwrapped package. Customized cardboard gift box packaging, surface logo using emboss printing can promote brand promotion

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