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Product keyword: Foldable Black Hat Packaging boxes with windows
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing: Four-color printing
Address: Shenzhen China
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Most hats don’t use product packaging, but I think you need to customize hat packaging boxes for your hat products to increase the value of the brand. In addition to the LOGO and OEM on the hat can be used as a brand label, the LOGO on the product packaging becomes one of the important brand labels. And more than 60% of consumers will think that there are products and brands that are specially packaged, which are more trustworthy and willing to spend more to buy. The hat inside the package can also avoid the pollution of external dust, and can keep the hat clean and tidy all the time, which is of great help to the sale.

For multinational procurement, non-foldable packaging will take up a lot of space, and high transportation costs will be the biggest constraint to the purchase of cheap hat packaging. We can provide you with a folded custom packaging. The packaged volume is only one-twentieth of the fully expanded size, and the transportation cost required is low. It is even possible to fold 1000 hat boxes and place them in a corrugated box. Considering the transparent window in the packaging design and improving the visibility of the hat in the package is advantageous for the display of the product. The black hat package size in the example is 195mm x 120mm x 195mm. The packaging sizes we offer are customizable, such as 10″, 15″, 19″ and more. The style of the hat packaging is also customizable. Use high-quality screen printing or four-color printing to shape the packaging into A carrier of advertising or marketing to better promote products and brands.

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