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When customize gift boxes for wine bottles, the first thing to consider is the packaging grade with the value of wine should be matched, the more sophisticated wine box packaging is, the better it can be able to increase the added value of wine. With good packaging design ideas, the choice of packaging materials is also very important, such as gold, silver or laser paper, to a large extent, looks more luxurious than other materials packaging.

This is a corrugated gold paper red wine packaging, using corrugated paper and 128g gold cardboard as packaging material. Printed gold paper is pasted on the packaging surface, the use of golden brown gold cardboard features exudes a luxurious atmosphere, virtually, and it will increase the added value of the wine. The package’s opening method is taking the cover on both sides of the middle of the fold, the use of the extrusion pressure makes the packaging opening very solid. The hand strap is made of yellow hemp rope, which is symmetrical with the golden color of the whole package, and is very strong and will not break easily. The entire package is golden yellow, and the printed content does not have any noticeable effect when gilded, so it is best to use hot silver or red UV technology as to make a better use of color to draw attention of consumers.

For custom gift boxes for wine bottles, the material to be used is not limited to corrugated paper, but can also be cardboard, kraft paper, copper paper or plastic to make the wine gift box, according to the actual situation, choose different materials. Of course, we show you only a few of our wine packaging made by Fonmoo. If you have more custom-made wine gift box packaging, you can contact us by e-mail or phone.
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wholesale quality gold printed gift boxes for wine bottles packaging

Gift boxes for wine bottles

cardboard gift boxes for wine bottles

wholesale high-grade gold printing gift boxes for mini wine bottles packaging

custom small cardboard gift boxes for wine ottles packaging,use hot stamping process

custom single gift boxes for small wine bottles packaging

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