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Eyelashes make women’s eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Does your eyelash boxes packaging make eyelash products look different? Most of the eyelash packaging is rectangular, in the form of hard cardboard boxes, and the interior is decorated with gold or silver cardboard. However, this will take up a lot of space and at the same time increase the cost of custom packaging. The ordinary rectangular way is also difficult for consumers to attract. The eyelash packaging of the cylinder is a very good choice. The two eyelashes are rounded and occupy a very small space for easy carrying. Easy-to-carry eyelash packaging will be a more important factor for consumers to choose eyelash products.

In order to highlight the high-end of the eyelashes, glittering gold, silver, laser or other special paper is used as decoration inside the eyelash package. Eyelash products are fragile, very fragile and sensitive, so using transparent blister covering will effectively prevent dust pollution and damage. More importantly, the transparent window can be set without the need to open the package, and will be able to visually see the style of the product, using the product as a promotional method. More eyelashes boxes packaging style are available in Fontomo Packing Co., Ltd. You can choose custom brand eyelash packaging to meet your daily sales needs.

Glitter circle shape eyelash boxes packaging with window

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