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Product keyword:High-end Plastic perfume packaging boxes with bronzing logo
Design structure:Free
Min .order quantity:1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing:UV printing; bronzing printing
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High-end perfume packaging boxes play an important role in the sale of perfumes. As one of the traditional or fashionable propaganda methods, packaging has always been valued, making cosmetic brands spend more time and energy and hope to stand out in a highly competitive market. And we have done a lot of research, consumers around, especially female consumers, will buy because of a beautiful perfume box packaging, even if it is a high-priced perfume, they also feel this value. Therefore, spending more time and energy on packaging design plays an important role in product promotion and branding.

The traditional wooden box is high-grade, but its cost is high, and it is cumbersome. It is very inconvenient to carry and is slowly replaced by a carton or plastic box. We will see more printed plastic boxes made into wooden boxes style, using UV ink technology and polishing technology, the entire rectangular package emits this light. The interior uses natural goose down cloth, a gilded logo pattern, and even a metal lock, making the package luxurious and upscale. We can also provide you with more perfume packaging styles, you just need to tell us your custom requirements, will get the perfect service.

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