High quality cardboard tubes candle boxes packaging

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  • We are factory in Shenzhen, China, customization available for structure, color, printing, conception, etc.
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The artistic design of the candle boxes packaging is very important to beautify your product. Before the consumer saw the candle, there was almost no impression of the product, only the packaging to judge the internal product. A box with a sense of texture and sophistication makes it easy to add value to the product, especially when applied to gift packaging. When people accept candle gifts, they usually judge the value of the gift through the surface packaging, so as to judge their importance. A beautiful candle gift package can be the key to consumers’ choice of candle brands. Therefore, brand candle packaging design must be part of the brand plan and product sales plan.

Fonmoo Packaging Co., Ltd. provides you with not only packaging, but also quality service. A professional design team can provide you with multiple packaging solutions, and these services are free. The square cardboard box packaging design can be in the form of a package with a window or a drawer box. For packaging printing, we support UV printing, emboss printing, bronzing printing, etc. At the same time, embossing can be applied to packaging to improve the rendering power of packaging.

Among the many candle boxes packaging styles, black cardboard tubes will be a very good choice. As shown in the figure below: 300g single powder card is used as raw material, and the texture is fine and smooth. The edge of the tube cover is smooth and has no creases. UV printing and emboss printing are applied to the packaging, and the overall visual sense is good. You can use black paper tube packaging as a packaging design reference or choose another design. We can upgrade any custom packaging for you, please feel free to contact us.

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high quality cardboard tubes candle boxes packaging,black paper tube packaging with logo high quality black cardboard tubes candle boxes packaging with UV printing wholesale. high quality black cardboard tubes candle boxes packaging with logo wholesale. Custom high quality cardboard tubes candle boxes packaging, the barcode at the bottom of the package has anti-counterfeiting effect Custom black cardboard tube packaging for candle, with 350g single powder cardboard as raw material Custom cardboard tubes candle boxes packaging, quality product packaging is important for branding

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