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FOB price: US $0.1-0.9/Piece
Product keyword:  charger packaging,elecctronic packaging
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing:  Monochrome printing process
Address: Shenzhen China
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Each change of product details innovation, will be reflected in the surface of customized product packaging. If you have a creative Apple mobile phone charger, in order to reflect the special product label, need to customize iphone charger packaging. Like a person, We will look from his appearance or resume, which is the beginning of a personal understanding of him. If not directly explained at the outset, or expressed in the form of pictures, no one can know what the product hidden in the package has. Therefore, the careful design of custom packaging, is the product marketing  key to success.

Is this a key, or belongs to the data line? Yes, this is the perfect combination of the key and the data cable. You do not worry about forgotten to leaving the data cable behind at home in the future, because you will always carry the key. This creative product features reflected in the printing and packaging, the use of promotional packaging, making the product sales increased by more than 150% within a month, is a success. Through the packaging of printed patterns, we can clearly see the product style, “key for iphone” slogan, the brand “Nomad” and logo.These are reflected in the front of the package, because these as the main promotional content. Clamshell packaging structure, we can see the pvc window style, closer to the distance between consumers and products.

This custom iphone charger packaging uses a metal hook, double copper paper as the main raw material. But none of these are important because we can tailor the packaging that best suits the product based on your actual product situation.

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