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Kraft paper packaging boxes are considered to be friendly, especially for kraft paper food packaging boxes that can be used to hold candies, cakes, cookies and chocolates. Although most kraft cartons are brown and unprinted, they are slowly being replaced, More is the form of printed kraft paper food boxes packaging, which is more conducive to the promotion of business information. Because there is no printed image on the product packaging, like the product is no packaging, consumers can not read the product information. Therefore, the first consideration when customizing packaging is that what information will be expressed on the surface of the package will be able to obtain a larger benefit.

For brown kraft paper food box packaging style and size, are customized according to the product. Packaging styles to choose from is very large, the choice of size can be accurate to 0.1mm, thus ensuring the degree of fit with the product. More importantly, these kraft paper materials used in the manufacture of boxes are recyclable and meet the needs of the development of the green environment and therefore will be accepted and accepted by more and more people.

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