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Product keyword: Large cardboard hat boxes packaging with logo, foldable packaging
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing: emboss printing
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Cardboard hat boxes are a great choice in many hat packaging styles. The hard cardboard can protect the hat from being squeezed and will not affect the appearance of the hat due to the deformation of the package. The large cardboard hat packaging also has a good display function, the same applies to gift boxes, the hat is given to friends or family. Traditional, unprinted, or uncharacterized product packaging has lost its appeal and is not able to attract customers’ attention to the product, as is the case with hat packaging. You can refer to the hat boxes in our case, the brand logo is printed with emboss, and has a strong visual concavity. Use fine-grained faux-leather paper to enhance the touch of the package. What is even more attractive is that the side of the package uses four-color printing, imitation 3D printing technology, and the side is printed into a porcelain jade pattern, which is very attractive to consumers.

The biggest problem with custom large cardboard box packaging is transportation, and high transportation costs will make people choose to give up. Why not consider a foldable packaging structure? The black cardboard hat packaging shown for you, fully expanded in size is 4.72 inches by 7.87 inches by 7.87 inches. However, after careful packaging structure design, it can be folded, and the folded volume is less than one tenth of the unfolded volume, minimizing the transportation cost and storage cost of the package. Thanks to our professional design team, we can improve every detail of the packaging design. For more custom packaging, you are welcome to tell us your specific needs.

Large cardboard hat boxes packaging with logo, foldable packaging

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