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Product keyword: Luxury cardboard usb packaging boxes with logo
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Printing handing: Full-color printed
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Mobile phone intelligence and space storage have expanded, and USB storage disks have lost their market? This cognition is wrong. There are still many people who choose USB as a storage disk. Because of its small size, it is very convenient in the work, and the storage of data is also guaranteed. However, USB has become more high-end, and the look looks extravagant, and will be greatly welcomed. When you get the usb packaging box is low-end and inferior, would you believe this is a high-quality USB product? Of course, this is not considered to be a high-end product, and consumers are more likely to associate the product quality with the packaging box.

Luxury packaging does not mean over-packaging. On the contrary, consumers are very disgusted with over-packaging. Miniaturized cardboard usb packaging boxes, with a special printing process, can create the impression of luxury packaging. The surface of the USB package is surrounded by gold cardboard, the logo and brand name in the middle are hot stamping process; the inside of the package uses the bump process to add a sense of luxury; the middle part of the edge cover, embedded magnet, the whole The seal of the package is firmer. Increasing these printing processes will increase production costs by 30%, but will achieve better publicity. More importantly, as a Chinese packaging manufacturer, we are able to offer you a minimum discount of 30%.

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wholesale high quality and luxury small cardboard usb packaging boxes with UV printing custom luxury usb packaging cardboard boxes with sponge inner packaging custom luxury small cardboard usb packaging boxes wholesale wholesale luxury small cardboard usb packaging boxes with logo,the gold cardboard boxes sizes is: 9cm ×2.5cm×7.5cm wholesale luxury usb cardboard packaging boxes with logo printing

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