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Every perfume brand wants to make its perfume boxes packaging look unique and create a unique perfume concept. As we all know, perfumes have a long history, and most brands want their perfumes to create a classic atmosphere, so try to design them into classic packaging when designing perfume packaging. Wooden boxes or imitation wood packaging are the main in the choice of packaging style. From the perspective of custom cost and portability, imitation wood-like perfume boxes are the best choice, just one-tenth the cost of wooden box packaging.

Perfume packaging design must take into account the protection of the perfume, because the perfume glass bottle is fragile, you can use the inside packaging. EVA or inner card as the inner packaging of the product will be the best choice to fix the perfume without shaking it. The use of platinum cards, the logo uses a hot stamping process, and the packaging looks luxurious, enhancing product and brand value, stand out from the crowd and increase customer loyalty. All custom perfume boxes packaging styles are based on your ideas and provide the best quality custom packaging.

Luxury small cardboard perfume boxes wholesale

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