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Custom marijuana oil packaging boxes are very necessary for whether assuring the protection of essential oils of marijuana, or using of attractive appearance to attract consumers to promote sales. The ways that essential oil packaging inlaid with essential oils, are mainly divided into two sides style and the middle style. The same pure plant oil packaging, using different inlaid, may lead to great differences in packaging size and custom costs. Inlaid the oil on the side can support that the printing patterns be together, with a good layout layout, greatly reducing the volume of packaging space, effectively reducing costs.

This is a 2ml majjouata essential oil package, the front of the package prints “ORGANIC MARIJUANA OIL”, which directly reflects this product. Printed in the middle of the package, is the brand name and logo, this is the most effective promotional part for brand. At the same time in terms of the packaging structure design, there is a hook part, to make it able to be placed on the goods display rack, for greater product visibility. With the mosaic side, consumers can directly touch the essential oil bottle without opening the package, which is a very good marketing experience. We also need to inform you that, you cannot take the essential oil without opening the package, because it is one quarter longer than the hollow part, only through the opening that you can get the oil out of the package, the main purpose is to prevent the oil from easily falling out, play a very good protection effect.

Because the entire custom product packaging is very small, basically we cannot put the manual. And it is troublesome to put the instructions in the box and then take it out, is not convenient to understand a variety of parameters. But consumers are very concerned about all the parameters of essential oils before buying them. Printing the product parameters on the back of the box is then an alternative solution. We are also able to provide you with more types of custom product packaging, with a wealth of experience.
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