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Microphone cardboard boxes packaging is usually rectangular, and will use the more high-grade gold cardboard as one of the raw materials to increase the degree of luxury packaging, which will only increase the custom cost of about 10%. In order to better protect the microphone, and reasonable placement of data lines, etc., most of the plastic blister packaging within the box, which can be placed in order. According to different market characteristics, different scenes use microphones, such as conference, family dinners, corporate outdoor activities or KTV and other microphones, so different card tray microphone packaging design is different in order to achieve the best publicity.

You see, this Gold Jam Microphone packaging, targeting the target market is more KTV microphone, packaging design reflects the pleasure of singing enjoy the enjoyment of consumers, the intuitive design is very attractive to consumers . Brand and logo printing in a prominent position, will promote the establishment of brand image. Different brands of microphone manufacturers, for different target markets, the use of different promotional slogan, reflected in the surface of the custom packaging. We can offer you more types of customized microphone cardboard boxes packaging and offer up to 45% discount.

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