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Customizing Mini cupcake boxes can result in higher sales for the cake shop, as people will learn more about the cake shop by customizing the store information and product information on the packaging surface, thereby going to the cake shop for purchase. And custom cake packaging will has Cato inside, to protect the cake, to avoid the cake and the inner packaging contact.

Cupcake boxes packaging style is very much, with a transparent window or the design of a hand-held part of the most popular. Customized food packaging with clear windows, consumers can see the style of the cake through the window, making the sales display to do well, but also to avoid contamination of the cake, so as to create a good shopping experience environment. Cake packaging with a portable design, making carrying the cake without  plastic bags, thus avoiding environmental pollution, in line with the development trend of recyclable packaging.

You can choose to use kraft paper, corrugated paper or copper paper as the raw material during the customization of the cake box packaging. If you want to create a better publicity and high-end performance, you can use gold cardboard as a decoration. Packaging image design is generally provided by you, but we can improve the structure of existing product packaging for you, so that your customized cupcake boxes packaging perfect, in order to obtain the largest market share.

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