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Product keyword: Mobile phone accessories packaging for selfie stick
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing: Four-color printing
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Many retailers or wholesalers feel that Mobile phone accessories packaging is not important and can be used in ordinary transparent packaging or in bag packaging. There are many existing packaging sold by Amazon or ebay, which are readily available for purchase at any time and at a low cost. This type of packaging is fast and inexpensive, but it will undoubtedly have a negative impact on brand and product value. Packaging without logo and brand name will greatly reduce the value of mobile phone accessories, the consumer will think that there will be various quality problems in the product, which is not worthy of believing, and even belongs to counterfeit products. Therefore, our mobile phone accessories, whether it is tempered glass screen protector, mobile phone case, self-timer, etc., need to increase the brand value of the product through custom packaging.

There are many styles of mobile phone accessories, such as self-timer packaging. The self-timer stick package is displayed, and the package is designed with a transparent window to see the main part of the product. The interior uses a transparent blister as an insert that allows the self-timer to be embedded in a clear blister pack. The product’s use features and scenes are printed on the surface of the package to help consumers understand the product more easily. Features can be reflected in the pattern on the surface of the package. For example, the general selfie stick has no Bluetooth function, and the new self-timer can manually press the selfie stick, and the product can be used by pressing the self-timer lever via the Bluetooth button. Using emboss printing can increase the layering of the packaging, enhance the visual experience, and contribute to the perfect display of the product. More types of electronic packaging, we are able to provide you with a variety of packaging solutions, to provide you with a free packaging structure design.

Mobile phone accessories packaging for selfie stick

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