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Printing handing: Four-color printing
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Mobile phone charger packaging as a charger sales appearance, the specific endorsement of product labels, play an important role. If the charger package design, did not reflect the product features, or unattractive, then the charger in the sales process is very difficult to have effect. If you think that design can be attractive only with a special structure,It is a misconception; because more than 80% of the world’s attention is drawn to consumers through intuitive graphic details through exquisite graphic design.

Show charging box, there is no special appearance, similar to the general public packaging. However, in the choice of color is a warm color, the yellow background for the visual feel good. The main front of the package is a white charger, “quick charge” as a product promotion features, using UV ink printing technology. Among them, 2.4A as a safe charge current is reflected in the lower right corner of the package. Like most electronic packaging, the product parameters are reflected on the back of the package. Because consumers are very concerned about the electronic parameters,it is like self-introduction of electronic products. The choice of the inner box, is the use of rare black plastic box, with a hard, protective high, and reflects the high-end products. If most electronic packages have a hook-and-loop format that facilitates display, and custom packaging does not, it may reduce the overall score of the product package, so the phone charger package also has plastic hooks.

We provide you mobile phone charger packaging styles are diverse, there are blister packaging, pvc boxes, kraft paper boxes, etc. for you to choose from.

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