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FOB price:US $0.1-0.9/Piece
Design structure:Free
Min .order quantity:1000Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability :500000Piece/Pieces per Month
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More and more merchants prefer to order this type of Pizza Slice Boxes due to their convenience. We are able to offer you various styles of wholesale pizza slice boxes, including kraft paper, copper box type and corrugated paper box. Slice pizza boxes, as other food packaging boxes, always do a good visual effect to seduce consumer’s appetite in the first time, resulting in the purchase of foods.

This is the best pizza slice box one has ever seen, deeply enticed by the tempting pizza image on the surface of the box and even give an urge to try and buy a pizza right away. This is a great success for product packaging design. On the other hand, the way for sliced ​​pizza packaging to be opened and eat pizza, is not the same with the ordinary ones. This is a separate slice of pizza packaging, with the use of triangular pizza support, the way to take out the pizza is different, using the up and down to open the pizza box, then take out the pizza directly to eat. The biggest advantage of this design is that even if there is a great purchase of pizza, everyone can still take only their own slices, the rest of the pizza is still in a small package, and will not be affected. Customize a sizeable food package for 8-10 pizza slice packages. Round or square wrappers make a big pizza slice of 8-slice pizza, which is also a great choice.

We can not only provide you with all kinds of pizza slice boxes wholesale, but also to provide you with free packaging proofing services. Within 2 hours of receipt of your package, we will provide you with a sample packaging design.
Pizza slice boxes Image

custom delicious individual pizza slice boxes packaging wholesale

pizza slice boxes

pizza slice boxes sale

custom quality small pizza slice boxes wholesale

Pizza slice boxes wholesale

Easy-to-use individual pizza slice boxes wholesale, pizza pattern inspired by appetite

custom quality mini pizza slice boxes packaging from packaging manufacturer

free provide pizza slice boxes template,and provide cheap custom packaging wholesale

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