The seemingly normal drawer box, but can be pop-up drawer cardboard boxes packaging. The packaging is anything but .when pulled open this packaging design utilizes a hidden ribbon to raise the interior lid,creating a memorable moment of delight in the user is unboxing experience. We have a professional design team that can improve your design on cardboard boxes program.








Creative product packaging design, including packaging design and structural design. The design of the pattern mainly uses the content of the surface to attract the attention of the customer, highlighting the characteristics of the product and the brand, and most of the designers are capable of designing the packaging pattern. But the packaging structure design requires a packaging designer with rich experience to be perfect, but most packaging manufacturers or suppliers lack this ability. Packaging structure designers, more convenience from consumers to open the packaging, interesting considerations, even need to consider the difficulty of manufacturing packaging, whether it can save manufacturing costs and other aspects. Therefore, improving the packaging structure design requires a professional person, and our company has a structural design team to help you improve the packaging solution.

The pop-up white drawer cardboard boxes packaging structural design is more complicated than the ordinary cardboard box packaging structure. The automatic pop-up drawer box, in the inner top cover and the middle part, is provided with a connecting tab or a connecting paste so that a part of the upper cover automatically opens when the drawer is pulled out. This undoubtedly increases the fun of using packaging. But this kind of packaging design will increase the cost of manufacturing packaging. Through the graphic design structure diagram, understand the principle of automatic drawer jamming boxes, which helps to design the packaging. For different product packaging, use different designs of packaging content, can be applied to any product.

Pop-up white drawer cardboard boxes packaging Structural design Image

custom pop-up white cardboard drawer boxes packaging,Printed content can be turned into any product packaging

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