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We are corrugated pizza boxes manufacturers from China, and we have been offering pizza packaging of various sizes for all major pizza brands. At, you can order existing kraft or corrugated pizza box packaging and choose 8-inch, 10-inch, Purchasing existing product packaging, you will not see any information on the pizza store, including address, contact number, brand name and logo. It is very important to have relevant information on the product packaging, especially for customers who have a desire to purchase again, and will contact the store according to the information on the surface of the package.

Our pizza boxes are all packaged in a B-flut structure that allows easy opening of the package, but after folding into a box, the package has good strength, heat resistance and thermal insulation. Because the pizza package can be spread out, it takes up less storage space. If the more pizza boxes you order at one time, the greater the discount you receive, please feel free to contact us.

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