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Product keyword:Printed corrugated pizza boxes packaging wholesale
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Min .order quantity:1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing:Four-color printing
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Any pizza restaurant or pizza chain brand needs custom pizza boxes to display the specific information of the store through printed pizza packaging, so that more consumers can remember the information of the pizza shop and promote the second sale. Print pizza box design, try to focus on the shape of the product, enlarge the details of the pizza, give the consumer a very powerful visual experience, thereby increasing the consumer’s desire to buy, even when you see the package, you want to eat pizza immediately. It will be very successful.

For decades, we have been committed to providing you with quality pizza packaging and a variety of custom packaging solutions. Our custom packaging quantities are flexible, with a minimum order quantity of 1,000 and a maximum supply capacity of hundreds of thousands. We can provide you with a variety of package sizes and different styles to meet your needs in the face of different consumer groups. It is particularly worth mentioning that our pizza boxes are durable, highly resistant to heat and corrosion and are the first choice for food packaging.

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