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There are many styles of tea box packaging. Many choices of raw materials include cardboard, kraft paper and copper paper can be taken, as well as for different packaging structures, which constitute different grades of tea packaging. Among them, most of the luxury packaging options are cardboard boxes, with a unique design, they make the product more unique or support high-grade performance. Pull cardboard tea boxes are the more upscale custom packaging, and is an important element for tea promotion.

This tea box package is different from the ordinary pull box. The packing cover adopts a 1 cm wooden cover with clear lines. The overall added value of the package is very huge. And the main material is paper cardboard, using the method of making a handmade box, with kraft paper as paste paper, connecting the package as a whole, benefiting from a heavy sense of kraft paper. For the printed “Award-winning Tea” name, it shows that this is a very high-grade tea that has been recognized by the public after competition and evaluation. The tea packaging design also adds a type of square red seal as a description of tea, which gives a very good sense of ritual. If this high-end tea is packaged in a conspicuous position in the exhibition, it will attract lots of attention, and ensure significant effect of enhancing brand value.

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Pull cardboard tea boxes packaging custom Pull cardboard tea boxes Pull cardboard tea boxes packaging Pull cardboard tea boxes custom

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