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Style: custom
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Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability : 500000Piece/Pieces per Month
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With the mature application of polyethylene, printing technology and more advanced, printed pvc box packaging has been widely used. Translucent printing box packaging is the most widely used, common for small electronic product packaging, pvc gift box packaging, and even food packaging. Fonmoo packaging provides you with customized pvc packaging, for safety and quality requirements are particularly high, after a variety certification of body certification, to ensure the custom packaging for the safety requirements.

This is a Pvc boxes for armored case packaging, belonging to the square printing and packaging. As a white packaging color, are translucent, looming visual sense, you can directly see the product features, but with a trace of mystery. The package is only printed on the back of a black background so that the product description can be printed better on the back. The other three are milky white translucent, the front there is the product name “Armored Case” and the brand logo, the overall design is perfect. Translucent packaging itself has a very good display, with the hook part of the product directly on the display rack, is undoubtedly the most correct choice.

We can not only provide you with the best ex-factory price, but also can provide a variety of custom pvc product packaging structure template, save as CAD file, according to your actual needs, settle the packaging size. And we can guarantee that, within 2 hours after receiving your confirmation documents, we will make the sample out, confirm the details of the package via video, or send the samples to you for verification, after your confirmation then can arrange the bulk goods production.
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custom small pvc boxes packaging with hookup

custom small printed pvc boxes packaging with hookup

custom small printed pvc boxes for armoured case package

square pvc boxes

custom clear pvc boxes packaging wholesale

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