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The cardboard perfume boxes are the most popular among the many fragrance packaging styles, utilizing the hardness of the cardboard, and play a very good role in the sales and transportation of the perfume. Because the perfume bottle is a glass bottle, it has the characteristic of being fragile. Therefore, how to ensure that the perfume with high value will not be damaged will become the most important factor in the design of perfume packaging. We see this red pull-card carton package, the size is 10cm × 8cm × 8cm, inside the black plastic EVA as a perfume base, can make the perfume completely fixed to avoid collision with the package and damage.

In order to match the value of high-end perfumes, the paste paper is made of special paper as a decoration, using high-grade packaging to enhance product value. With the development of society, people are paying more and more attention to the sustainable use of resources. To avoid excessive packaging has become a trend. Therefore, compact small packaged perfume boxes should be the first choice for custom packaging. We can provide you with a variety of packaging design solutions.

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wholesale high quality red cardboard perfume boxes packaging,the sizes is :10cm*8cm*8cm Custom red pull cardboard perfume boxes packaging wholesale high-end red small cardboard perfume boxes packaging custom Custom red small cardboard perfume boxes packaging wholesale red cardboard perfume packaging boxes

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