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The advantages of round packaging eyelashes boxes are that they are less expensive to manufacture than eyelashes with square cardboard boxes and can save a significant portion of packaging costs on a mass production basis. Arc-shaped packaging structure, whether it is visual experience, or take the packaging feel, have a greater advantage. If you think eyelash cartridge packaging design can not reflect the characteristics of the product, it will be a big misconception.  Although there is not much structure design space on the tube eyelashes package, the design of the eyelashes boxes image will not be inferior to any of the printed packaging. You can choose cute pink, bright red, fresh blue or other colors as Background, make the main pattern with eyelash style to adapt.

The main target group of this lovely pink background round packaging eyelashes boxes is a girl, the packaging background is a blossoming light-colored roses, full of cute girl style, the attraction for young women is great. 0.3mm pvc transparent window is formed, consumers can visually see the style of eyelashes, and will not pollute the product; pvc transparent window, in the middle of the logo and the “Lashes” brand name printing, is to build the brand first step. The interior of the package adds 3mm thickness of sea surface, the main consideration is to protect the eyelashes product. The round packaging eyelashes box we offer is more than just this one, there are many more customizable styles, you just need to tell us your needs, packaging size or sent a specific document, you can get the perfect eyelashes box.

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