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When people are traveling or taking pictures, they always choose to carry the selfie stick with, because the selfie stick is an extension of the mobile phone for photographing, helping people to obtain more angles in their own photographs. However, since the selfie stick is easily damaged during transportation, it is necessary to customize the selfie stick packaging to achieve the best protection effect.

This white printed selfie stick package is a good mobile phone accessory package, using 250g copper paper as the main raw material, and its monochrome printing can reduce the cost of production of packaging. The front of the package is a black-printed self-portrait. The high-definition close-up looks show every detail of the selfie stick. On both sides, the bar code is in the form of a sticker, which can reduce the printing cost and increase the flexibility, but it lacks in the regularity of the side bar code for each package. And packaging, as the best carrier of product information, directly shows the instructions for use of the product. It is the most important carrier for consumers to intuitively understand the specific information of the product. Most of the selfie sticks will use an inner box packaging to provide buffer protection, mainly they are transparent plastic packaging or corrugated box.

Among the many manufacturers who provide mobile phone accessories and packaging, only fonmoo packaging can provide you with package design improvement service, and it is free of charge; within 2 hours after confirming the packaging file, you will get the best packaging sample for your confirmation for free, as for helping you to confirm custom packaging details.

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