The simple cardboard box design has only one drawer embedded in the package, and uses four-color printing to turn the package into any style, forming a unique product packaging for jewelry, jewelry, eyelashes and other packaging.This packaging design features a cutaway tab on the sleeve,elinmingating the  need for a ribbon and providing a slightly more masculine feel.Its sreamlined profile is a perfect solution for minimalist packaging design.




Complex drawer box packaging typically has three or more drawers that are used to store boxes or gift box sets, such as jewelry packaging.The simple drawer packaging, only one drawer, the outer lining of 128g art paper,But the scope of application is more extensive. The full-color printed cardboard drawer boxes can be used as a packaging for any product, focusing on packaging such as eyelashes, jewelry, jewelry or electronics. In order to enhance the packaging and brand display effect, you can choose the surface treatment process of glossy film, matte film, embossing, hot stamping and so on. Choose the packaging design process related to the product, and the products inside the drawer box have better display effect.

After the general design of the surface is completed, the design of the drawer box packaging structure is equally important. When designing a structural package, the package opening experience is primarily considered. If the drawer is completely embedded in the outer box, there is no protruding part, which will make it difficult to take out the drawer. Therefore, a recessed notch is formed in the cuff of the edge of the package, and the drawer package can be easily opened. Or use a silk scarf to gently open the drawer with a silk scarf to gently pull the drawer. We can provide you with more perfect packaging design solutions, and these services are free.

Simple cardboard drawer box packaging design

Simple cardboard drawer box packaging design, CAD graphic design files make it easier to understand the principle of packaging design Cardboard drawer box packaging design, four-color printing can print any pattern on the packaging surface


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