This simple style packaging design applies a glue-less packaging dieline to a six sided construction creatiing a simple alternative to traditional retail gift boxes.





Hexagonal boxes have become the preferred method of gift boxes and can be used for weddings or other formal events. Printed in hexagonal packaging, the gift packaging can be elegant and stylish for small accessories, candy, chocolate or small toys. Whether it’s a gold-plated luxury gift box or a stylish packaging box, you need a packaged AI plane structure. Designing various patterns on the flat structure drawing can form a gift package with different visual effects.

The structure of a hexagonal package is available in a variety of forms. We introduce you to the hexagonal box cardboard packaging structure design. Detailed structural packaging plans and perspectives give you a better understanding of packaging.

simplex hexagonal box cardboard packaging structure design hexagonal boxes cardboard packaging design,Hexagon top and bottom cover packaging can be used as a unique product package


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