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FOB price: US $0.1-0.9/Piece
Product keyword:  cake boxes packaging;food package
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing:  Monochrome printing process
Address: Shenzhen China
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Although many packaging wholesalers offer small cake boxes wholesale, the styles offered are limited and are based on ready-made styles that make it difficult to meet the needs for personalized custom packaging. Looking into the survey, about 80% of consumers choose to buy because of the uniqueness of the packaging, giving brands the opportunity to reach out to their customers for the first time, so as to utilize excellent product quality and attract consumers to become loyal customers . Therefore, custom product packaging has become a trend, more and more brands will spend a lot of time and effort to improve the packaging design, made the brand influence to maximize, the cake shop is no exception.

The white cake box packaging you see, whether structural or graphic, is perfect, but does not play a role in branding. There is no printing and packaging logo and store name, there is no specific store information, how to make consumers identify it? Perhaps you will say that the custom cake packaging increased costs, making the product’s profit decline. However, many shops ignore the most important point is the use of brand influence, making the product added value is doubled. Especially for the chain cake shop or is ready to start the chain business, custom boxes packaging with logo, will save you a lot of advertising costs, but also to the influence of each chain together to play.

Our cake boxes are available in sizes 6 in., 8 in., 10 in., 12 in., 15 in. And more. The packaging is customizable from your file. Although the materials and printing techniques used in the packaging of small cake boxes are commonplace, elaborate designs will make the product exceptionally well-packaged and differentiated.

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