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Product keyword: Small cardboard boxes for Sports headphone packaging
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing: four-color printing
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Among the many headphone packaging boxes, the most acceptable is the hard cardboard earbuds packaging. Small cardboard boxes have good hardness and excellent anti-collision function, and the probability of damage to the internal products of the package due to external impact is less than 0.1%. Compared to non-degradable plastic packaging, carton earplug packaging can be recycled and reused, and is a recyclable packaging that is accepted and recognized by more people. In their communication with earphone packaging designers, they prefer to use four-color printing, and no one will choose monochrome printing. The style and use of earplugs are diversified in color. Monochrome printing does not meet the requirements of custom packaging, can not reflect good product characteristics, or is difficult to attract consumers.
The design of the packaging surface is very important, but we can’t ignore some of the problems inside the packaging. When designing packaging, we need to consider practicality and reusability. We can design the space inside the package to be slightly larger so that the headphone package can be used as a savings box to store small objects. But for the sale of headphones, it is messy. Therefore, we insert clear blister inside the headphone packaging boxes to fix every part of the earplugs to avoid shaking and impacting the headphones. Our professional packaging design team and countless successful experience in producing headsets can help you produce the perfect small cardboard boxes for headphone packaging.

Small cardboard boxes for Sports headphone packaging

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