Small cardboard boxes packaging for perfume bottles

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Different characters of men or women like to use different smells of perfume to highlight different personalities. Consumers want to be able to carry it with you at all times so that they can use the fragrance in any occasion, suitable for different occasions and activities. Small bottles of 10ml, 30ml, etc. are becoming more popular and can be placed in backpacks or handbags. Small cardboard boxes packaging for perfume bottles can save the manufacturing cost of packaging while improving the consumer’s shopping experience.

Many brands ignore the importance of the appearance of perfume packaging and believe that only the quality of perfume products is important. This is a misunderstanding. Even if the perfume is high-end and tasteful, it is difficult to gain consumer recognition if it is placed in a rough or inferior box. Well-designed perfume packaging will attract the attention of potential buyers and customers, and believe that perfume is trustworthy.

Considering the high value of perfume and the fragility of perfume glass bottles, we recommend using cardboard boxes. 1200g of cardboard, not easy to damage, sturdy and durable, suitable for protecting sensitive perfume glass bottles. The insert inside the package is highly recommended for EVA or flocking blistering. It is exquisite and beautiful for high-grade perfumes. With UV printing, you can enhance the visual experience of the package. For more perfume packaging solutions, feel free to contact us.

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small cardboard boxes packaging for perfume bottles,Emboss printing, with black EVA protection perfume inside Custom small cardboard boxes packaging for perfume,Black EVA protection perfume bottle custom small cardboard boxes packaging for perfume,Beautiful packaging enhances the value of perfume Custom high quality small cardboard perfume bottles packaging,1200g of gray board paper as the main raw material small cardboard perfume bottles packaging boxes,The packaging sizes:9cm×7.5cm×2.5cm

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