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The rise of the concept of environmental protection, people are very disgusted with the excessive packaging of the headphone boxes, that this will destroy the environment and resources. Simple form of earphone packaging has become mainstream, and personalized earphone packaging will be popular with the public. There is no doubt that the information on the surface of the headphone packaging will be the key to consumers’ judgments about the quality of the product. The printing brand name and logo can not only play the role of propaganda, but also the basis for consumers to judge the quality of products.

Compare the unprinted kraft cardboard boxes, the white cardboard boxes and the black cardboard packaging, and put the same earplugs. Which one would you choose to buy? 90% of consumers will choose to buy products with brand printing, which will generate trust for the products. The added cost of product packaging for custom printed content is only 10% higher than the cost of product packaging without printed content, but it can gain product value more than 50%. The interior uses black sponge as an inner package to secure and protect electronic products.

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