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Product keyword: Small Cardboard necklace gift boxes packaging
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing: four-color printing
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As one of the most popular jewels, almost every girl has a delicate necklace and even has several pieces at the same time. Every girl wants to receive a necklace, because this can prove their beauty and charm, or the degree of attention in the lover. When a necklace is used as a gift, the necklace gift box plays an important role in influencing the value of the necklace for the inside of the package. 80% of consumers directly associate packaging with product value and brand value. Therefore, we need to spend more time and energy in design to ensure that each package looks high-end and exquisite.

Although over-packaging will make the product look more upscale, this design has slowly been eliminated. Environmental awareness has been deeply rooted in people’s minds, and simple packaging design has become popular among the crowd and has been widely recognized. Pocket jewellery packaging has become popular, especially in ring packaging and necklace gift box packaging. People can put jewelry in their pockets and create surprises for their favorite girls on special occasions to create a wasteful atmosphere.

In addition to these jewellery packaging styles, we have more necklace gift packaging production, and mainly produce custom packaging. Based on the information and documentation you provide, we will provide you with the best custom packaging.

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