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Compared to other products, perfume lovers are more demanding in the selection of perfumes, and will judge the quality and grade of the perfume according to the style of the perfume boxes. It is worth noting that most consumers are dissatisfied with excessive perfume packaging, which is considered to be a manifestation of waste of resources, and more love a small-package perfume brand. The small perfume cardboard boxes are easy to carry, and have a clear packaging design that ensures that the message delivered to the consumer is valuable.

The styles of perfume boxes offered by Fonmoo packaging manufacturers are diversified and can be printed in cardboard boxes using bronzing, bumping, embossing and other printing processes. In order to fix the inner perfume bottle, it is usually designed with an internal card holder to fix the perfume bottle. Common internal packaging forms, such as EVA card trays, blister packaging, and inner card packaging, can be used as a reference for selecting internal packaging. As the packaging manufacturer of the terminal, we offer customized perfume packaging, which is free to choose the style and size you need and the final presentation you want.

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