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The jewelry bracelet boxes are often used as gift boxes and storage boxes in the form of small cardboard boxes. Jewelry packaging can not only play a very good role in sales, but also can be recycled, and the practical function is very strong. Since the gray board paper is hard and is the least susceptible to damage or crease paper, the cardboard packaging has a good protection for high value jewelry.

The styles of men’s bracelets or ladies’ bracelets are different, and the size of their jewelry is different. The size and style of the package can be determined based on the jewelry bracelet, and the printed content can be selected. In order to prevent the jewelry from being scratched or damaged, the inside of the package can be selected from red or white silk scarves, and can set off the high-grade jewelry. For the large bracelet style, the inside of the bracelet is placed in a concave and convex ring for better protection. Due to the different requirements of each brand or wholesaler, we offer different types of jewelry bracelets, which are customized according to your actual needs.

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