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Common power bank, in terms of models, there are 5000mAh, 10000mAh, 20000mAh, although the smallest power bank is 2500mAh, but very rare, because it can only charge the phone once. We are a manufacturer that specializes in custom packaging and can offer you different sizes of power bank packaging based on the specific model and size of your products.

This is a small size power bank packaging, the size of the package is much smaller than the average power bank, because it is a 2500mAh power bank. Packaging design of the front is based on the green power bank, highlighting the concept of safe use, consumers are most concerned about the safety of electrical appliances. In the position at the bottom of the front of the box, there is the company’s official website, you can well promote the company and its products. The back of the box, printed “model, battery type, input, output, weight, dimension” and other parameters, it is very important because it is the most direct description of electronic products. The triangular black plastic hook, due to its better hardness, is also very good for the display of the powder bank. Individuals also recommend the use of relatively hard plastic as a hook, first, because the cost of cheaper, but more durable.

We can also provide you with many different types of bank packaging, plastic packaging boxes, cardboard boxes and Kraft paper boxes, and so on, and the more you order, the less the custom packaging costs.
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