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Product keyword:Small square cardboard boxes for Electronic product packaging
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Printing handing:Four-color printing
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The value of electronic products is expensive, but it is very easy to scratch and damage. If the electronic product is scratched or damaged, the value of the electronic product will be greatly reduced or even impossible to sell. Consumers will not accept flawed electronic products. Investing in custom Electronic product packaging boxes is very valuable, so that your electronic products are well protected ;and differentiated from other branded products by information on the surface of the package. In addition to advertising channels, custom product packaging is well worth the investment. Because consumers choose a trusted brand when buying electronic products, the surface logo or brand name will be the key to the consumer’s final purchase decision.

Custom packaging for electronic products such as data lines, e-books, tablets, mobile phones, earphones, etc., will have a lot of styles, depending on the specific product to determine the packaging design and size. Small white cardboard boxes will be very versatile, making full use of the hard cardboard paper, making the package not easily deformed by external force. Internal use of high-density EVA, electronic products can be perfectly embedded in the EVA. Monochrome printing can save 5%-10% of printing costs, but we recommend that you use four-color printing to make the content of electronic packaging more abundant. More packaging designs for electronic packaging, we can provide you with. Short-term, efficient custom packaging manufacturers will save you a lot of time. Please feel free to contact us to get the latest quote.

Small square cardboard boxes for Electronic product packaging

Custom small square cardboard boxes for Electronic packaging,Monochrome printing custom high quality small square cardboard boxes with logo for Electronic product packaging custom small square cardboard boxes for Electronic product packaging,high quality cardboard packaging with EVA insert

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