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Product keyword:Smart sports stereo earphones packaging boxes with four-color printing
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Printing handing:Four-color printing
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The earphones packaging boxes can reflect a lot of things, especially for the stylish design and performance of the product. When designing a smart earphone package, it can be designed into a book-shaped package in the same way as a book. The flip cover packaging is designed with a flip that can be opened and the other side is fixed. On the side of the flip part, two small magnets are embedded inside to ensure that the flip cover does not sway and open at random during packaging. In the form of hard cardboard boxes, the feeling to the customer is high-grade, and it is not easy to damage the package due to collision, maintaining the integrity of the internal product.

The packaging structure of most products is similar. How can it reflect the characteristics of the product? Packaging products are reflected in well-designed packaging patterns and content. On the surface of the packed boxes, the style and model of the printed smart sports earplugs are very important. Consumers can judge whether they are the favorite styles by the big picture of the product on the packaging surface. Only the above information is not enough, consumers still can not determine the inherent product characteristics. Through special printing processes, such as bronzing, UV, emboss, etc., the main product features (sound volume, high quality music) are reflected. The instant experience of unpacking is also very important. On the inside of the flip cover, you can print the use of sports earplugs, such as outdoor climbing, outdoor hiking and outdoor riding, etc., which is very beneficial to improve the product experience. More models of earphones packaging boxes, you can visit our official website, or send us an email directly, we will help you improve your product packaging.

Smart sports stereo earphones packaging boxes with four-color printing

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