FOB price: US $0.1-0.9/Piece
Product keyword: Custom Square Fancy Tie Boxes Packaging wholesale
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing: Full color printing
Address: Shenzhen China
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The man’s favorite item is a tie, and when purchasing a tie, it is first attracted by the style of the tie boxes. A uniquely designed necktie packaging for a business or brand will impress consumers. In particular, neckties are used as gifts. Buyers will pay more attention to the style of the tie box, and even make purchase decisions directly because of the style of the tie gift box. Tie-packing is very important for the sale of ties. Brand merchants or merchants invest in customized packaging, which helps to increase the value of the product and obtain a product premium.

The fancy cardboard tie boxes we provide for you are packed in a variety of styles, blue, purple, brown, black, etc., and can be used as a reference for custom tie packaging. The color of the cardboard cover is the same as the color of the tie, which facilitates the intuitive understanding of the product. These are just one of our many tie-box styles, and there are new styles every day. As a terminal manufacturer, the price of the tie boxes we provide to you is affordable, and can provide packaging design solutions for free.

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