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Product keyword: Square mini cardboard paper false eyelash box packaging with windows
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Printing handing: Four-color printing
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False eyelashes have many advantages, which can make women’s eyes bigger, eyelashes look longer, and make women more attractive and confident. Like other cosmetics, eyelashes need to be placed in a special false eyelash box packaging to bring out the elegant, luxurious and stylish eyelashes. Custom eyelash packaging provides buyers with important information, such as the type of eyelashes and the name of the brand, which can be printed directly on the surface of the package. More than 90% of the lashes are packaged in clear blister packs that hold the lashes and protect the flexible lashes from damage. The package is designed with a transparent window that allows you to see the style of the eyelashes without opening the package. Designing a transparent window is great because it opens the package frequently or keeps the eyelashes exposed to the air, which can contaminate the eyelashes and make the eyelashes more difficult to sell.

The traditional false eyelash box packaging is large, and the footprint of the package is ten times or more than the eyelashes. This way of packaging eyelashes is slowly being abandoned because it makes it difficult for women to use eyelashes. When women do not use eyelashes, they must be placed in the package for protection to avoid dust contamination and damage. The large cardboard eyelash packaging is not convenient to carry, which is not conducive to the repeated use of the packaging. It may even cause consumers to buy extra eyelash containers to store eyelashes, increasing the cost of using eyelashes. Mini eyelash packaging can solve this problem perfectly. Mini eyelashes are designed in a minimalist style that highlights the brand and model. More importantly, the package can be placed in a pocket or a small backpack, which can be carried at any time for easy use of eyelashes. As a professional custom packaging manufacturer, we can provide you with more styles of cosmetic packaging, please feel free to contact us.

Square mini cardboard paper false eyelash box packaging with windows

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