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Printing handing:  Four-color printing
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Tablet PC as a small mobile computer devices on the market, many manufacturers and brands hope that through the custom tablet computer packaging, different product labels will be displayed in front of consumers. As the sales of electronic products, will Incidental have a data cable, charging cable and earplugs, etc., Inner Card packaging design is particularly important.

Most tablets are 7 inches-12 inches, so the tablet package is relatively small, belong to small package type. We can clearly see the display of the carton packaging, the front is based on the style of the Tablet PC and the tablet next to the “call, 3G network, camera, positioning” and other functions, and the use of “Microsoft “Operating system, these are the basic product features publicity. The side of the package, embodies the specific electronic parameters, and product size is “7 inches.” Although the main material is the use of cardboard and copper paper, printing process is four-color printing, but the increase of light plastic processing technology, making the entire packaging surface gloss increased a lot, increasing the packaging visual experience. Inner card packge, we can clearly see the single black paper will be divided into three parts of the internal space, of which there are 2 circular holes,to convenience put out the data cable, ear plugs and other accessories; tablet host is placed on that layer .

In the custom tablet computer packaging, each part of the design, will have a direct impact on the overall effect. We have a wealth of experience in electronic packaging design, whether it is Neijika packaging design, or the choice of printing process applications, we will give you the most professional advice.

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