The cone-shaped insert in this packaging design is deceptively simple,Can be used as a candle box packaging design.Creating a sloped surface that rises to meet the user,it both secures and draws attention to the product.





The artistic candle box packaging is very important, and we believe that you have made the perfect print packaging design. Custom-made candle packaging can make the candle display more upscale, increasing the exquisiteness and appeal of the product. The logo and brand name of the packaging surface, printed with hot stamping or emboss, can be easily sold and profitable with the value of the brand.

The packaging design is perfect, but sometimes it costs a lot. When manufacturing custom candle packages, we need to consider production cost factors, especially labor costs. On the basis of not changing the design of the surface pattern of the package, the structural design inside the package has a great influence on the manufacturing cost. What kind of packaging is used for the inner cardboard, and the folding manner of the buckle portion increases or reduces the labor cost. Although we can automate the production of custom packaging, we still can’t avoid that some parts of the package need to be handmade. What we show you is just one of our custom upper and lower cover cardboard boxes, which can be used for candle box packaging design or modified for more types of product packaging.

White candle box packaging design with inner cardboard Image

 custom White candle box packaging design with inner cardboard,Perfect packaging structure makes opening the package easier custom White candle box packaging design,Creative print packaging design makes products more attractive

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