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Cardboard eyelash boxes packaging is important for the transportation and sale of products. Eyelash products can make women’s eyes look more attractive, so they have always been sought after by women. However, there are countless eyelash brands on the market, and there are many styles of eyelashes. It is necessary to customize the packaging to make the eyelash products and brands understand by consumers, which is good for market competition. And the eyelash product is a very soft product that is particularly sensitive to the outside world and can easily cause damage or wrinkles. To this end, we usually use the hardness of the cardboard box to prevent the eyelashes from being directly hit, thus maintaining the shape of the eyelashes.

Eyelash boxes When packaging design, you must consider the storage function and can be used as an eyelash savings box, which is very important. Therefore, the inside of the eyelash package is blister-shaped, and the middle is recessed into the shape of an eyelash or an eye, which is advantageous for storing the eyelashes. At the same time, in order to increase the display of the product, the eyelash box is designed with a transparent window. The consumer can directly see the eyelash style when purchasing, avoiding pollution, and simultaneously seeing the eyelashes, and has a good publicity effect.

White cardboard eyelash boxes packaging with windows

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