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Most headphone packaging and audio packaging tend to be miniaturized, because the smaller the current electronic products are, the more they get favored by consumers. Customizing creative product packaging for your electronics is a key to sales. We can provide you with more than 300 kinds of electronic packaging design, breaking through the previous structural design concepts, and strive to make the entire packaging structure more compact and miniaturized, which is in line with the needs of packaging development.

This is a White cardboard sound packaging box, belongs to the mini Bluetooth audio. The shape of the package is the same as most square card carton boxes, with product image as the main pattern and single powder paper as the paste paper. However, the design of the inner packaging is very unique. The inner package consists of a small white copper paper package and EVA sponge. The shape of the EVA is exactly the same as that of the audio. There is nothing special about it. However, underneath the EVA there is an independent small package, where data lines, charging lines, etc., can be put in and can be easily taken out. Below the pure white printed package, there is the crimping instruction, which can be treated as separate modules. Compact packaging saves manufacturing materials, meets environmental requirements, and can reduce the cost of product packaging, that’s why it gets favored.

Fonmoo Packaging has a strong design team, with a unique insight especially in the packaging structure design and improvement. We can provide you the required services for free. As a professional electronic packaging manufacturer, we have reduced the intermediate links, to ensure a direct manufacturer supplement. The packaging price can be 30% cheaper than the wholesale price of the market.

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