The customizable packaging design and insert of the mug box secures the handle in place,and procides product visibility.The insert’s flat panel allows for art and branding to be applied while the side notch makes it easy to remove.We can provide you with more types of coffee mug gift boxes packaging design, please feel free to contact us and send your request to us by email.




Mug is the most common glass and is very versatile. 80% of people want to have a delicate mug and often use coffee mug as a gift. Personalized coffee mug gift boxes will help the product to add value and make consumers feel that the mug is worth buying and using. Choosing creative cup packaging will be very important for the brand. As a professional custom packaging manufacturer, Fonmoo Packaging has a professional design team that puts your perfect ideas in the packaging boxes and makes them one of the competitive advantages of your products.

The coffee mug gift boxes of different brands and different characteristics are different in packaging design. For example, we show this cardboard boxes packaging, with outer packaging and inner packaging. The inner packaging is made of corrugated paper and the height is consistent with the height of the cup. Set a separate space at the side of the cup to accommodate small bags of coffee, spoons and other small gifts to enhance the customer’s customer experience. Since the inner package is tightly embedded in the cardboard boxes, the semi-circular cutout is designed to facilitate the take-out of the inner package. What we see is a white cardboard package, which can improve the personalization of the packaging by printing various patterns and information on the surface of the packaging, and is more conducive to gaining a favorable position in a highly competitive market. More types of packaging design can be provided for you, please feel free to contact us.

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custom coffee mug gift boxes packaging design,Improve the packaging structure design to make the product packaging more perfect White coffee mug gift boxes are packaged to print on the surface of the package to enhance the appeal of personalized packaging

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