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The custom headphone boxes we offer are very versatile and can be used for gaming earbuds, office earbuds, sports earbuds and Bluetooth earbuds. Especially for small office earphones, we recommend using copper paper as raw material, and using four-color printing as printing technique. This will highlight is the brand and model.

This white headphone box is applied for a series of office earbuds of Edifier’s brand. As it is a well-known brand, the packaging design content focuses more on embodying the brand and the specific model. Because the brand has a lot of loyal customers or potential customer groups, it will stimulate the final purchase decision because of the reputation of brand. Due to the low degree of hardness of copper paper, inserting directly the ear plug into the packaging box can easily damage the packaging so that requires an inner packaging. The inner package is recommended to be a blister package. Blistering makes the earplug supported uniformly, and provides very good protection.

Fonmoo packaging has a wealth of experience in the production of various types of electronic packaging, can provide you with high-quality mobile phone boxes, watch packaging, audio box packaging. For your customized packaging needs, we will provide you with multiple sets of packaging solutions at the fastest speed, as well as free samples.

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