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Product keyword: White mini eyelash packaging box with blister packaging insert
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The customized eyelash packaging box plays a very important role in brand eyelash sales and promotes brand promotion. When consumers browse the eyelash products on the shelves, they first see the logo and other information on the surface of the package, and they choose the trusted or impressioned brand eyelashes to try and make the final purchase. We conduct TV commercials or online promotion, and the ultimate goal is to let the more consumer know brand and buy eyelash products. The logo and brand name of the packaging surface are the most important way for consumers to identify the eyelash brand. We offer customized eyelash boxes to create branded product packaging according to your brand needs and actual needs, helping your products to gain a strong position in the market.

Most of the eyelash packaging on the market is over-packaged and takes up a lot of space. Although excessive packaging can improve the grade of the product to a certain extent, it will cause more waste and does not meet the development needs of environmentally friendly packaging. And the eyelash products are bendable and fragile products, and need to be put back into the original packaging after being used normally. Large lashes packaging are not easy to carry, which greatly reduces the experience of lashes.

May be you can able to consider mini eyelash packaging boxes, which has become a very popular trend. Round or rectangular mini-custom packaging that is easy to carry and even fits in your pocket, enhancing the consumer experience with eyelashes. For eyelash brand manufacturers, you can reduce packaging manufacturing costs and transportation and storage costs, and increase your company’s profits. The inside of the package uses blister packaging, which is low in cost and can fixed eyelashes. It is one of the best choices for inner packaging. Mini Eyelash Packaging The box can be opened with a flip or drawer. For more styles of eyelash box packaging, please refer to our website, or send us an email directly, we will provide you with the best custom packaging solutions.

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