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Small hard cardboard boxes is the most common for electronic product packaging, taking full advantage of the characteristics of hard cardboard for electronic products and ensuring a very good protective effect. As electronic products tend to be miniaturized, electronic product packaging cartons also tend to be more and more in mini sizes, along with the trend of reducing costs and protecting the environment.

This is a square cardboard boxes packaging for Bluetooth audio packaging, using a flip-type opening, the flip part of the use of four small magnets makes the lid is very compact, only a little effort to open, but will not automatically open itself. The entire package design highlights the characteristics of wireless Bluetooth and miniaturized Bluetooth audio. The pattern of the front of the packaging is the blue Bluetooth audio style and the “Bluetooth” words, as the packaging highlights; at the same time printed on the side of the package bar code, consumers identify the authenticity of the main product identification. Because it is a small package, can be hung on the display stand, so it is equipped with a black plastic hook for Bluetooth stereo to show than other brands of the same industry products to get more opportunities for display and Sales opportunity.

We are able to provide you with more types of electronic cardboard boxes wholesale, and the use of automated production of custom packaging to ensure that every product packaging quality are high quality. Choosing the Fonmoo package means choosing a strong packaging manufacturer and a packaging design team with advanced ideas as partners.
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wholesale square bluetooth speaker packaging boxes

wholesale quality cardboard boxes packaging for eletronic packaging,that the packaging with plastic hookup

custom square cardboard boxes for speaker packaging

custom cardboard boxes

custom hard cardboard speaker packaging boxes wholesale

square cardboard boxes

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