A twist on traditional cuffed packaging design,the zig zag cuff box catches your eye with its chevron-like detail.A contrast finish or color in the cuff area provides a memorable shelf presence,and at-a-glance recognition.




The correct packaging structural design has a positive impact on business. Unique product packaging can make a product unique because many consumers judge the product based on its appearance. Making product packaging unique must be included in the product plan and has a significant impact on product marketing and sales.

Each package design has a unique appeal. Packaging design that is suitable for the product is important, so that the product has more charm; if the packaging design is incompatible with the product, it is difficult to equate it with excellent product packaging, which has a negative impact on the reputation of the product and the brand. We have a professional design team with many years of design experience, providing professional advice on packaging structure design, making design packaging simple and easy.

For example, this type of Zigzag cardboard boxes packaging, the opening of the package is like a Zigzag word, the visual effect is unique. Print different content in the package and turn it into creative candle packaging, gift boxes or more.

Zig zag cuff cardboard boxes packaging Structural design, packaging design AI documents are the key to manufacturing packaging Zig zag cuff cardboard boxes packaging wholesale, high quality product packaging can promote brand value


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