Parcel shipments have been growing steadily for several years, and trends confirm this upward trend. In these conditions, how to cope with this growth while meeting environmental aspirations?

Reduce the weight of packaging, is an ecological act and an economic decision

At first glance, this desire to reduce the impact of your packaging on the environment should result in a decrease in the materials used to protect your products and packages. Of course, this reduction should not be at the expense of protection and security, which you must guarantee for each of your packages. Several avenues can be followed to achieve this ambitious goal.

The elimination of unnecessary packaging and the optimization of each component

By seeking to optimize the consumption of packaging material, we can identify those that are not essential and can be deleted. Not only does this waste hunt reduce the amount of material to be used for each package, but it inevitably entails a reduction in the weight of your packaging and therefore a reduction in transportation costs.


Innovation at the service of packaging efficiency


Technical innovations now allow the use of increasingly fine plastics, which fully meet the characteristics of the thicker plastics traditionally used. A thinner material is better to consume less material and is therefore perfectly in line with this environmental approach, adopted by more and more companies.

Air cushions, more efficient, greener and more economical

It is to meet your expectations in this area, we detail the existing solutions for every aspect of your packaging. And when it comes to protection, the air cushions are an effective and adapted answer. Aware of the stakes, air cushion has embarked:

Reduce the consumption of packaging materials,

Promote and strengthen Reuse,

Increase Recycling

Consisting of 1% plastic and 99% air, these calibration solutions are 100% recyclable. But air cushion goes further by printing on them a message inviting to reuse, as for example when returning merchandise. Encouraging reuse while allowing for complete recycling is a responsible and committed approach to environmental protection.

Through research and innovation, air cushing now offers a doubly effective alternative to traditional paper wrapping. With thin plastics, these air cushions provide comparable protection while dividing by 6 the amount of material to use. Thus, a company, shipping 100,000 parcels a year, and using air cushions to protect its shipments, would save 4.5 tons of paper a year. A convincing result in environmental protection, which is accompanied by a better management of stocks (packaging) and space.

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