Product packaging is the most common packaging in our life. It plays a very important role in the distribution, sale and brand distribution of goods, and even directly determines whether the products can occupy a place in the market. There are tens of millions of product packaging that exist, every day there are new packaging styles, what a dazzling. However, as for the design of product packaging, there are several main factors.

Identification and dissemination: As for product packaging, the most basic work but also in the highest level is the identification and dissemination. This is a very good starting point for recognizing a product’s brand through its printed designs and product logo, but it’s not easy to do this basic element. Making a product packaging design does not mean just get a simple logo or a few words to distinguish the characteristics of the brand, it is very difficult. However, in our life, for every product of every model in every trade, there is a large number of brand box manufacturers. This requires designing a unique package according to the specific market orientation, and using the external manifestation of the package to tell the potential customers the difference between the brand’s products and those of other brands.

Taking the most common and most competitive cosmetics industry as an example, we will find that for cosmetics brand of better sales, not only the product is good, but also the packaging design is unique. Such as the Korean cosmetics O HUI, four-sided silver tucking packaging design, high-end and fashionable, the bottle design with sleek lines, giving an excellent feeling; the main packaging color is white, expressing “pure plant skin care” concept, as the main orientation is young women;

four sided silver tucking packaging design

and the same is the South Korea’s brand Snow, as for the packaging bottle design, it is full of rich secret color court, reflecting the characteristics of Oriental herbal medicine products, its packaging design is elegant and noble, feel the charm of culture, has attracted a large number 35-50 year-old wealthier female consumers. The same product, combined with its own advantages and potential different target markets, the product packaging design must have a recognition, as the brand’s product features can be reflected.

cosmetic packaging design

The spread of product packaging becomes even more apparent. An innovative package that not only allows consumers to remember that the impulse to buy a product, try out a product, but also spur consumers to automatically spread the brand. Especially the fact that the Internet is particularly developed today, product packaging spreads faster online, resulting in greater benefits. Good product packaging design can even make a product brand instantly become well-known, thus has a very good advertising effect.

Experience: Packaging experience is reflected in the convenience and practicality. Put aside the performance of the product itself, the packaging experience is also more and more worthy paying attention to. For example, today’s cookie packaging, which used to be only one large package, is now packaged in multiple small packages, so the customers only open as many as they eat, preventing the product from getting moisture, and at the same time maximizing the value of the product. On the contrary, for products with bad packaging experience, customers will even be reluctant to buy and use the product again, reducing product’s value.

Protection: The most basic function of the package is to protect the product, to avoid loss. As for custom product packaging, from the large simple packaging at the beginning, now turn to be smaller and smaller as the trend of development. Now the product packaging uses often EVA, plastic blister packs, inner cardboard wrappers, sponges to fix and protect the products, and these types of packaging and protection forms occupy less volume and are cheaper to manufacture. Therefore, they get more and more popular.

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